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Hi!  Welcome to the site for award-winning actress and writer, Lexi Wolfe.  Here, you can find updates on what Lexi’s been up to, what she’s working on, images, videos, and much more.  Don’t forget you can also find Lexi on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We hope you enjoy the site and come back soon for everything Lexi Wolfe.



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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the site!

  1. Hi Ms Wolfe – I just wanted to say that I was at Mrs Oscar Wilde on 28 May here in Brighton and loved it. I thought the text was intelligently put together, and your acting was superb and very moving. I’ve often felt that Mrs Wilde must have had an enormous burden during those years, even if you assume the nature of her husband’s relationship with Bosie had occurred to her, which I doubt – but it’s not often referred to in the Oscar story. I think the nearest to it was Yvonne Mitchell in The Trials of Oscar Wilde, and I feel your performance was on a par (and that’s high cotton considering how much I like Yvonne Mitchell). Anyway, thanks for a great time at the theatre. John Gammon PS: If you’re in London before 1 October, you might be interested to know that Oscar Wilde’s cell door, a full length painting of him owned by his friend Ada Levinson, and Lord Queensbury’s “Posing as a somdomite” calling card are on view at Tate Britain’s Queer British Art exhibition. Alas, there’s nothing from Mrs Holland though.

  2. If you get the chance to see Lexi Wolfe, go. She is a mesmerisingly talented actress who chooses to portray fascinating women. She then becomes these women. I’ve been deeply moved both times I’ve seen her. A real treat.

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