“Lexi brought a great deal of passion and professionalism to her role in Survivor Films’ Arkham Sanitarium – effortlessly capturing the part and bringing to life a complex and multi-layered persona that much of the dramatic heart of the film relied upon. A brilliant performer and a truly charming person, we keenly hope to engage her services again.”    –    Andrew Morgan, Director / Writer at Survivor Films Ltd.

“I have hired Lexi for a number of productions over the years and she has always brought all the cards to the table. creative, professional, believes in her art. Would recommend her highly and hope we get to work together again in the future.”    –    Phaedra Bell, House of Anubis

“Lexi plays the ongoing role of Miss Mary Morstan in my web series “The Mary Morstan Mysteries” and is one of the finest actress’s I have had the pleasure of working on my team . An effortless ability to perform both comedy and despair. She is extremely professional , personable and takes direction well.”    –    Ross K Foad, Direcotr / Writer at No Place Like Holmes

“Lexi is a passionate actress. She is professional and knowledgeable . She has a great [sic] positive attitude and a bubbly personality.”    –    Maschid Torkan, Photographer / Make-Up Artist

“I worked with Lexi on several occassions during 4 years. I always find her to be very bubbly, full of energy and positiveness.”    –    Ione Ascanio Green, Mind Studio

“Lexi is a talented actress. I have seen her perform in a number of capacities and she is engaging and captivating to watch, able to play a variety of characters. As well as her dedication to her craft, Lexi’s attitude sets her apart. Her enthusiasm and proactive approach shines through in all of the projects she undertakes. She also is great at reaching out and assisting new actors. If you are thinking of working with Lexi, I have no hesitation in recommending her to you.”    –    Justine Priestley, Founding Director, Really Bright Media

“Lexi is a focused and very professional actress. She is committed, hard working and a pleasure to be around.”    –    Napoleon Ryan, actor


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