Lexi published her first book, Better Off Dead: The Story of Rosa, The Fledgling Vampire, in 2013.

Following a poetry collection, The Wolf Stirs, Lexi turned her attention to script writing.  Her first full-length play, Indiscretion, set in World War Two, garnered her a Commendation of the Julian Battersby Young Playwright of the Year Award.

A pilot episode of historical drama Wolf Women was a semi-finalist in Hollywood screenwriter festival Tableread My Screenplay.

Stand Up For Oneself was winner of the LaBute Theatre Festival in the U.S.A, starting with a week-long run which then transferred for a month-long run at the 59E59 Theatre in NYC.

Lexi is currently working on several scripts which include Mrs. Oscar WildeSherlock’s Women and a reworked pilot script for Wolf Women.  She is also working on a book with a working title of Looking For Dad.

You can now support Lexi and all her works through her Patreon page.  Everything very gratefully received and we hope you enjoy the work created!