Credits and Experience

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Below are some examples of the work I’ve been involved in, with clips if they are available & permission has been given:


Learning To Talk

Wild Wolfe Productions

Playing Alex

Directed by Lexi Wolfe

Witch In The Woods

Wild Wolfe Productions

Playing Maya

Directed by Andy & Lexi Wolfe

Playing Receptionist
Directed by Piotr Szopiak



Produced by Angela Tang

Star Wars: Force Of Evil

Aurora Pictures

Playing Mara Gase

Directed by Russ Gomm & Philip Mearns

Steven Finds The Treasure
Red Cloak Films
Playing Girl
Directed by Michiel Ten Kleij

Arkham Sanitarium
Surivivor Films
Playing Asenath Waite
Directed by Andrew Morgan

No Place Like Holmes
Spin-off series – ‘The Mary Morstan Mysteries’
Playing Mary Morstan
Written and directed by Ross K Foad

Crimes That Shook Britain – Beverley Allitt
Title Role Productions
Playing Beverley Allitt
Directed by Mike Lehan

The Yellow Wallpaper
Ethereal Pants Productions (English Branch)
Playing Jennie Stetson
Directed by Tana Sirois
Produced by Connie Brice


Rip Me Up
Cornerstone Theatre, Liverpool
Playing Matilda (Lead)
Directed by Lexi Wolfe & Lexy Pritchard

Avon Calling
Myopic Productions @ Cornerstone Theatre, Liverpool
Playing Susan (Lead)
Directed by Julianne O’Malley

Effie’s Burning
Cornerstone Theatre, Liverpool
Playing Effie
Directed by Ros Chappelle

Blue Remembered Hills
Dilys Guite Theatre Co. @ Lantern Theatre, Sheffield
Playing Angela

Penny Blue
Dilys Guite Theatre Co. @ Lantern Theatre, Sheffield
Playing Pen-pen

The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe
Crucible Theatre, Sheffield
Playing Peter

Theatre While Training

Time And The Conways
LIPA, Liverpool
Playing Madge Conway
Directed by Sally Rapier

Vinegar Tom
LIPA, Liverpool
Playing Susan and Ellen
Directed by Dan Bird

The Tempest
LIPA, Liverpool
Playing Prospero
Directed by Keith Woodason

August: Osage County
LIPA, Liverpool
Playing Violet Weston
Directed by Iain Davie

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